New Hampshire Approves Microblading

The New Hampshire Board of Body Art Practitioners adopted new rules that allow licensed estheticians and cosmetologists to perform microblading, defined as “cosmetic tattoo of the eyebrow.” The rules are effective September 2, 2021.

Training Requirements

  1. Completing a course that is at least 100 hours that has been approved or accredited by either the American Academy of Micropigmentation or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
  2. The course must cover the following topics:
  • Microblading fundamentals
  • Color theory and design
  • Pigment and ink
  • Equipment—including set up and break down procedures
  • Contraindications
  • Stretching the skin
  • Depth
  • Infection control
  • Disinfection procedures
  • Aftercare
  • Completing of a minimum of two sets of eyebrows on a live model under the direct supervision of the course instructor
  1. Completing a course in blood-borne pathogens

Duties of Microblading Certificate Holders

Microblading certificate holders may perform microblading in body art establishments or facilities licensed by the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics. Certificate holders must use a new, single use implement to perform the service for each client. Microblading certificate holders must bandage according to industry standards.

Initial Microblading Certification

Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists who want to provide microblading services must submit the following to the office of professional licensure and certification:

  1. A completed “Microblading Practitioner Certificate Application”
  2. A $100 fee
  3. A copy of their active New Hampshire esthetics or cosmetology license
  4. Their microblading course certificate, which must show their name and address, the course completion date, and the numbers of training hours received
  5. Documentation proving completion of a blood-borne pathogens course

Microblading Certification Renewal

Microblading certificates will expire on the last day of the person’s birth month on odd-numbered years. To renew a microblading certificate, holders must submit the following to the office of professional licensure and certification:

  1. A completed “Body Art Practitioner and Apprentice Licensure Renewal Application”
  2. A $100 fee and their license number
  3. Documentation proving completion of at least three hours of continuing education in microblading or blood-borne pathogens

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