New Discount: Gina's Platform

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Introducing Gina’s Platform, the first of its kind, free business app for the lifestyle professional. Gina’s Platform showcases professionals at the top of their field with a high level of experience and professionalism.

Intelligently formatted, Gina’s Platform is easy to use and can be accessed using your mobile phone as a lifestyle professional managing your business, or as a client booking appointments and seeking services. The unique features of the app include the ability to gain new clients, connect directly to existing clients via multiple communication methods, utilize easy payment methods and scheduling features, access industry information and content, enjoy low credit card processing fees, and much more. Enjoy:

  • No monthly fees
  • Professional web page
  • Advanced appointment scheduling
  • Incredible marketing solutions
  • Discounted ads and front page business placement
  • Cutting edge customer communication tools
  • Client mobile app
  • Point of sale with highly competitive credit card processing rates (includes Amex and no transaction or monthly fees)


Exclusive Discount Benefits for AHP Members

Gina's Platform is FREE for AHP members, saving you up to $500 per year that you may end up paying with other similar services. PLUS, AHP Members can receive: 5% off "COLOURS By Gina" hair color line | 5% off "Products By Gina", including hot tools and wetline | "A Mirror and a Prayer" an autobiography by Gina Rivera is discounted to $15


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