National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day

Booksy declares May 19th National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and no longer missing from the spotlight are the struggles barbers endure. The high-energy, creative nature and exposure to many people—and their problems—throughout the day can foster an environment where mental health problems are at the surface but are often hidden from clients behind a fierce facade. 

Booksy, the app that connects 13 million users to beauty and wellness professionals for appointments, is out to help barbers by shining a light of advocacy and support on the mental health struggles barbers may have and lets them know it’s OK to have an off day, take time for themselves, and talk about their problems too. 

According to a Booksy survey of its barber and hairstylist professionals, 43 percent of professionals feel like their clients’ unofficial therapist all of the time. And 44 percent have a hard time separating themselves from work mentally, even when they aren’t behind the chair.

Consider these insights from Booksy’s survey of consumers to learn about what they share with their barber, their opinions of barbers, and more:

A barber is smiling while cutting his clients hair with clippers in a large open barber shop with wood floors and raw brick wallsCustomers notice the effects of the job on their barber:

  • 26% notice their barber frequently seems anxious
  • 27% notice their barber frequently seems stressed
  • 22% notice their barber frequently seems depressed
  • 28% notice their barber frequently seems overworked

Barbers have a telling impact on their customers:

  • 53% of people feel more optimistic after a visit to the barber 
  • 37% feel a greater sense of community 
  • 36% feel more confident in social situations

The most popular topics clients discuss with a barber:

  • Mental health—36%
  • Physical health—48%
  • Work—65%
  • Personal relationships—48%
  • Sex—29%
  • COVID-19—67%
  • Family—67%

Which professional’s advice are people most likely to act on:

  • Barbers—37%
  • Bartenders—29%
  • Personal trainers—34%

To find out more about National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day click here.



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