Mobile Businesses Expand Professional Ventures in Utah

Thinking about taking your business on the road? Now you can. Utah’s legislature adopted House Bill 408 (HB 408), making cosmetology and skin care services accessible on wheels. That’s right, HB 408 allows professionals to leave the traditional, stationary salon behind by establishing an “enclosed mobile business” as a specific type of business.

This is a great opportunity for professionals to expand an existing brick-and-mortar business, work independently, assist clients who are homebound, attend events and ceremonies (hello, wedding season!), and offer a unique, marketable experience to set you apart.

Enclosed mobile business—a business that maintains ongoing mobility and where services and point of sales occur within an enclosed vehicle, trailer, or mobile structure.

Who Can Operate a Mobile Business?
HB 408 allows the following services to be offered within an enclosed mobile business:

  1. Barbering
  2. Beauty and cosmetic
  3. Nail
  4. Eyelash
  5. Waxing

Are There Restrictions?
Mobile businesses must receive a health department permit to operate. Counties, towns, or cities may require a mobile business to obtain a business license, and some may require the business to pass a fire safety inspection to operate. Counties, towns, or cities cannot require a mobile business to:

  1. Pay a fee (beyond an initial business license fee).
  2. Pay a fee for each employee hired by the business.
  3. Require the operator to submit a background check.
  4. Require the operator to demonstrate how the mobile business will comply with land use and/or zoning ordinance(s).
  5. Regulate or restrict the size of the mobile business.

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