Maximizing Your Marketing Tool

Just one Instagram reel and three big targets is all it takes to make a big marketing impact for your business. “When you think about social media and marketing, consider how you can hit three targets with one post,” says Anna Peters (@annas_hair_retreat), Sam Villa ArTeam Member and owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design and Studio. “When I made this video, I was considering who I wanted it to speak to and how I wanted it to make them feel…and I actually covered salon owners, future staff, and potential clients all in one.” She created a video that made others feel something about her salon. 


Salon Owners

Peters’ text on the post spoke to other salon owners. “I love how we have connected in our community and how we have been there as a support system for one another,” says Peters. “Salon owners understand other owners and know the blood, sweat, and tears we each pour into our businesses and teams. It’s so important for us to pause and feel proud of what we have created. It can feel very lonely when you’re a sole owner of a salon, so I want to connect with other owners as much as possible.” 

Future Stylists

Another goal for Peters was to connect with future stylists, so they could understand the atmosphere of the salon to see if it would be a good place for them to work.  “Attracting good talent is a challenge; I want to share how special our salon is so we can, in-turn, attract like-minded stylists to work here,” she says. 

Future Clients

Connecting with future clients to offer a taste of what they can expect when walking through the door is a great way to get them excited to book an appointment. “After watching the video, things appear more familiar, and that helps create a feeling of ease during the first appointment,” says Peters. 

The Video 

It’s all in the details—focus on what makes the salon special and different. What are the truly unique aspects that everyone loves? The lighting, floral arrangements, comfortable shampoo chairs, cozy sitting nooks? Showcasing all attributes to provide an overall sense of a salon can be captured in a reel that makes others feel the love behind each feature and want to connect with them.  A salon vibe video is a great way to share a brand, highlight unique aspects of a business, and offer a glimpse of what a salon environment is like, which makes it a brilliant marketing tool—one post hitting multiple target markets simultaneously. 

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