Look the Part

In the competitive beauty industry, where clients look to salon professionals for inspiration, it's important to always present at our best. There is something to be said for "looking the part." After all, if you show up at work looking like a hot mess, why would anyone trust you to make them look their best?

Pull It Together

Make sure you look professional when you come to work. Clients often look to their salon professional to give them courage, especially when it comes to making a change in their appearance. I believe hairstylists serve as the bet trendsetters for their clients. 

The same goes for your workspace. A clean environment let's your clients know they're important and your care about them. It shows that you are about excellence and that you want to create a space for them to enjoy. Someone once said to me, "The little things matter the most." After many years in business, I completely agree.

This means you must clean the nooks and crannies around toilets, trash cans, and surfaces. If you have carpet, make sure you stay on top of keeping them clean. Carpet can be beautiful but will get dirty quickly. Details like this can leave a lasting impression on a client. Likewise, make sure your professional equipment is clean. Don't forget about the tools - blow dryers, curling irons, brushes - you use regularly. 

Be Prepared

I have found that if I prepare each evening for the next day, I am better equipped to serve my clients. By doing this, I am also representing myself in the best light possible. 

There are several items I recommend thinking about when preparing for the upcoming day. You should already be sweeping up hair and wiping down your chair between each client, but you should also thoroughly clean your workspace before you leave for the day. I know it's the last thing you want to do after working long hours, but trust me, it will pay off the next morning. Likewise, figure out what you will wear the night prior to your workday. Determine what your look will be. This will keep you focused and save you valuable time.

Article by Gina Rivera

This article appears in Volume 3 Issue 1 of AHP Indie Stylist magazine


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