LA Bill Proposes Changes to Exam and Licensing Requirements

House Bill No. 1019 (HB 1019) was introduced this legislative session. If signed into law, HB 1019 will make changes to examination and licensing requirements for individuals seeking a license from the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology (Board).

HB 1019 would remove the practical exam as a requirement for students; the theory exam would remain mandatory. HB 1019 would decrease the minimum hours required from a cosmetology course of instruction from 1,500 to 1,000 hours. In addition, the bill would add a new provision, allowing a student who has completed at least 75 percent of their cosmetology program coursework to take the state Board examination. A student would still be required to complete the outstanding hours of coursework should they pass the exam.

Associated Skin Care Professionals will monitor the status of HB 1019 and update you as we learn more.

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