Inviting Male Clients Into Your Salon

group walking with skateboard

If you want to tap into the male market, simply adding “Men’s Cut” to your service menu will not automatically list your salon in some top-secret directory of male-friendly hair establishments. As with building any clientele, the male market must be purposefully targeted.

Interestingly, males possess a stronger fight-or-flight reflex than females. Generally speaking, if a man pulls up to your salon and something—anything—about it is threatening or stressful to him, he’s more likely to just drive away than a female counterpart. Perhaps this is why you haven't already had a steady stream of men randomly walking through your door. Often bringing a man into your salon requires a personal VIP invitation.

A man is far more apt to enter your predominantly female environment if he’s been personally invited. A personal invitation subconsciously told him, “It is okay for you to be here; we want you to come in.” Referrals are the ultimate personal invitation so begin building your male clientele with your female clients. Create those male-specific VIP cards, then give one to Suzy when she mentions her husband is self-conscious of his thinning hair so she can send him in for a free consultation. When Samantha is talking about her son’s end-of-season soccer party, give her a VIP men’s haircut gift card to include in the male coach’s gift. If Mary happens to caddy at the local golf course, give her a handful of VIP complimentary neck trims to recommend you to her patrons. Karen has been experiencing some great results from her personal trainer; offer her a VIP men’s service gift card she can give him as a token of her appreciation.

Keep your ears open during your client interactions for those moments you can help your clients personally invite the men in their lives to become your clients.





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