About Insurance for Eyelash Extension Professionals from AHP

beautiful girl looking through a fenceWe’re continuously seeking to add more value to being a member of Associated Hair Professionals, adding new benefits as well as enhancing the benefits we currently offer. Liability insurance is a huge piece of our membership package, and we’ve just upped our game!

If you’re performing eyelash extensions (and they’re included in the scope of practice for your cosmetology license according to your state board) the cosmetology liability insurance policy that comes with AHP membership will include those services. We are NOT raising our price and there’s absolutely nothing you need to do to have this additional eyelash extension coverage added to your current liability insurance policy included with AHP membership.

Curious about professional liability insurance for hairstylists? Read our three tips for choosing cosmetologist insurance.

We appreciate you and we want you to be protected to the fullest. Thank you for being an AHP member!



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