Using Instagram for Hairstylists from AHP

The Insta Algorithm

An image of a mobile phone on social mediaInstagram launched their major algorithm change back in 2016 which made it so that posts no longer appeared in chronological order. Well, folks had a lot to say about how this change affected them and the conversation has not slowed down since. For those who use Instagram as a major business resource, the question has remained: What exactly do I do to make this algorithm work for me?

The fact is, things change all the time and what works for one person may not have the same effect for another. This makes it near impossible to identify a sure-fire strategy that will result in posts receiving higher viewer ratings or increasing engagement. The good news is, there are some great resources for you to utilize to increase your knowledge surrounding the Instagram algorithm and to help you understand this ever-evolving social media platform as best you can!


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Facebook Blueprint is an online education program that teaches the best practices of advertising on both Facebook and Instagram. They host an incredible amount of resources to utilize from Introductory courses, buying Instagram ads, building your business profile, creative best practices, and so much more for you to explore and take advantage of!

An image of a heart and number 2PassionSquared is a brand development and social empowerment coaching service specifically for creative entrepreneurs, founded by hairstylist, Nina Kovner. With over 30 years of experience in brand development and 7 years of experience with social and digital media specifically, PassionSquared hosts workshops and events, provides coaching services, and serves as a source to help you find clarity, eliminate confusion, and offer guidance to build and grow your business.


A headshot image of Jamie DanaJamie Dana is a hairstylist, salon owner, Ember Retreat co-founder, and educator who provides resources to other hair stylists to help grow their businesses using Instagram. From various blogs to her online course, “Oh Hot Gram”, Jamie touches on strategies to grow your business and brand, designed specifically for hair stylists! The Ember Retreat also serves as a great opportunity to develop relationships with other industry professionals and to learn how to raise your business up to new heights using social media.


An image of Britt SevaBritt Seva is a hair stylist, salon director, business coach, and social media and marketing strategist. While she was working as a salon director in a 7-figure salon, Britt found coaching requests start to pour in from stylists all over the world seeking her advice! Britt continues to take classes herself on social media and online marketing strategy so you can count on her to deliver the most up-to-date information. In addition to her Thrivers Society class and free online workshops, Britt also provides great blog content and podcasts to help you create the wealthy, full life you always imagined possible.



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