About AHP's Beauty Sense Magazine

AHP Beauty Sense cover volume oneAssociated Hair Professionals (AHP) recently unveiled a digital magazine aimed at educating consumers about the hair industry. AHP Beauty Sense is a digital magazine written entirely by licensed hair professionals for consumers.


“This is the authority, the real advice consumers should follow—straight from those educated and credentialed to give it,” said AHP Director of Membership Ali Davidson. “There are countless beauty magazines for consumers and the amount of uneducated hair advice out there is overwhelming. The voices of actual hair professionals have been lost in all that noise, and we at AHP want to set the record straight with education and experience from the real experts.”


AHP Beauty Sense was conceptualized after having spoken with countless hairstylists who were frustrated with the way society views the hair industry. “Hair professionals want to be respected, appreciated for their talent and recognized for their education,” Davidson said. “Through the platform that AHP Beauty Sense is providing, hairstylists are working to change negative or misguided stereotypes about our industry. We’re telling clients all the things we wish they understood about their hair, this craft and our industry.”


AHP hopes hair professionals will share this free digital publication with their clients, friends, and family. In turn, AHP promises to continue supporting, fostering and encouraging the elevation of the hair industry.




If you are a licensed hair professional with something to tell clients about our industry, or have an article idea to help elevate our profession in the eyes of consumers, please email ali@associatedhairprofessionals.com for publication consideration.



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