ICYMI: AHP Indie Stylist Volume 4, Issue 2

Did you forget to read the last issue of AHP Indie Stylist magazine? The issue was filled with information to help you better your technique, increase profits, and get inspired. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights:    

Take Gender Off the Menu     

The binary pricing structure doesn’t benefit clients or you, as a professional. So why is it still the norm? We spoke with Abrean SophiaMarie of Hey, Hello and Jamie DiGrazia of Logan Parlor and Hair Has No Gender to get to the bottom of gender-free pricing. 

Read:Take Gender Off the Menu” by Jen Anderson 

Read:How to Create a More Inclusive Salon Environment” on the AHP blog 

Follow the Trends 

Are clients coming in requesting trends you’ve never heard of? Whether they’re asking for a butterfly, a wolf, an octopus, or a glow-in-the-dark, rainbow look, we have technique advice for you. Check out our articles to refresh your knowledge of short hair cut trends, and discover the process behind high-fashion, rainbow hair. 

Read: Taking the Short Cut” by Ashley Rubell 

Read:Rainbow Bright” by Shellie Vega 

Succeed in Your Career 

Not everyone takes the same path in the hair industry. You may need to experiment around and see what sticks. No matter what sticks, we’re here to help you with career guidance. First, get inspired by one barber’s journey to success. Then, find out how to be financially smart every step of the way.  

Read:Facing Adversity and Finding Success” by Lisa Bakewell 

Listen:Going All In on Your Career” by Wendy Rose Gould 


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