How To Make a Trip to Your Salon A Special Occasion

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Think of a special occasion, any one will do—a graduation, wedding, birthday, holiday. It’s a day unlike the monotony of every other. You probably have it noted on your calendar because you don’t want to forget; you’re looking forward to it. You’ll take extra care to be on time, maybe even show up early because you’re so excited. A good mood is guaranteed and everyone will treat each other with an added touch of kindness. People will be in their best outfits with extra attention paid to their appearance. The good bottle is opened and everything is touched with extra attention to detail.

We look forward to special occasions and yearn for the next when one is over. Isn’t that how we want clients to feel about salon appointments? Make every appointment a special occasion and they will.

Leading up to a special occasion is about preparation. Make sure your salon is in tip-top, guest-ready shape. The décor should be clean and exude good vibes. Be prepared and expecting your guests’ arrival so they feel welcome and sense you have planned for this special occasion as they have. Get dressed up for your clients; make sure your hair and makeup have been given adequate attention worthy of a special occasion. Send appointment reminders in as excited a tone as the calendar reminders that pop up for a holiday or vacation.

→NEW HAIR DAY!!!!!!←12:30 w/Ali<3 @Mane Events!

When your client arrives make sure they are greeted with the same enthusiasm as a six-year-old birthday boy opens the door to his gift-bearing buddies. Take their coat. Know their name. Show them to a seat. Get them a refreshment. Break out the good bottle, fancy coffee, pretty china—after all, it is a special occasion. Live it up and make sure your guest isn’t treated like it’s just another day. This is no time to grumble about life’s little annoyances. This is the time to harp on life’s gifts, focus on the half-full glasses, and rejoice in the opportunities for growth. It’s a celebration.

As the special occasion comes to an end and your client must return to her regular life, make sure she knows how much you’ve enjoyed the time and appreciate her. Be sure to take a picture so you can both share the special occasion with the world. We’re all well aware, when it comes to special occasions, Instagram or it didn’t happen! Plan for the next special occasion as soon as possible and let your client know that her friends are always welcome, as well. Don’t just give a lip service invite for another special occasion, nail it down and get it on the calendar so you can both save the date and look forward to it. Give her special invites (referral cards) for her friends. A parting gift is also a nice way to conclude a memorable special occasion.

Loyal clients and raving fans are a product of the experience you provide at your salon. If every appointment feels like a special occasion, that is an experience clients will want again and again. That is an experience they’ll want to bring their friends to. A trip to your salon is just another day for you but we must strive to make it so much more than just another day for our clients. A salon appointment is a special occasion.


As originally appeared in Stylist Newspaper.

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