How to Achieve Actress Aubrey Plaza’s Met Gala Hair

“Working with Aubrey Plaza for the Met Gala is a dream come true. I was so happy I got to style her hair for the big night! After seeing the stunning Stella McCartney gown she was going to wear, Aubrey and I immediately thought the hair should be up with some weight so we decided on a top knot inspired by a vintage Chanel fashion show.” —Mark Townsend, celebrity hair stylist 

Step-by-Step Breakdown for Aubrey Plaza’s Met Gala Hair 

  1. Mark started by generously spraying Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray throughout Aubrey’s wet hair to protect it from the heat-styling tools before proceeding with a rough dry. “This thermal protection spray is a great foundation, and you can then layer on other products,” he says. 
  2. He then added Kenra Platinum Thickening Mousse 12 to her damp hair and blew it out with round brush. “I love how much volume and fullness I can get in Aubrey’s hair with this mousse, which means more for [me] to style!” 
  3. To take her updo to the next level, Mark cut fresh curtain bangs on Aubrey and sprayed the Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13 throughout the bangs prior to blow-drying with a round brush. “Curtain bangs look best when they are full and not flat so when it came time to dry her new fringe, I sprayed Kenra Root Lifting Spray throughout,” Mark says. 
  4. Before pulling her hair into the top knot, Mark sprayed Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray 6 on her hair. “This [spray] gave the hair great texture and hold which makes forming the top knot easier,” he says. 
  5. He then secured her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head and wrapped the ponytail around the base that was secured with pins to match her dark hair.  
  6. Once the top knot was secured, Mark sprayed it with Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30 to ensure it was secure all night.  
  7. To add some bends to her fringe, he ran small sections of her hair through a flatiron. He then finished off by spraying Kenra Volume Spray 25 on top to keep them in place.  
  8. Mark added a black ribbon at the front of the top knot to complete the look, giving Aubrey a vintage Chanel vibe!  




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