Holiday How To: The Twisted Bun 

“Holiday party season is here, and let’s face it: Most of us are really invested in the hair!  While some styles are fun to share as DIYs with clients, this twisted bun definitely requires the skill and eye of a pro,” explains Anna Peters (@annas_hair_retreat), Sam Villa ArTeam member and owner of  re:TREAT Color + Hair Design and Studio.  Get ready to twist things up with Peters’ holiday how-to. 


Twisted Bun 

  1. Prep the hair with a directional blow-dry by spraying Redken Quick Blow Out throughout the hair. Using a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer and Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, direct the hair off to the desired part following the head form to the lower nape until completely dry.  


  1. To create a sleek, smooth finish, glide the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleeker Professional Straightening Iron over the strands, 1-inch sections at a time. Clip hair out of the way with dry sectioning clips to ensure there are no creases in the hair.  


  1. Create a sleek, low ponytail at the center nape of the head and secure with an elastic. 


  1. Using a small hair padded “donut,” slide two long sparkle cords through the donut and secure at the base of the ponytail. Leave the cords hanging with the length of hair. 

  1. Take a small section of the hair close to the size of the cord and twist until the section begins to twist up onto itself. Once entire section is twisted, drape and secure with grips or medium hair pins across the hair padding. Do the same with the cord intertwining the hair and cord to desired visual balance. 



  1. Keep each twist tangle-free and clean off flyaways by sectioning each with a long tail comb and combing through with a styling wax down each section for hold and shine. 


  1. Continue this pattern of twisting and placement until you run out of hair and cord. Balance is key; try stepping away often to take a look and assess how it is coming together.  


“It’s fun to let yourself get lost in creativity and create new looks for the season,” says Peters. “It’s the perfect time to show your guests how multifaceted you are.  


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