Holiday Hack: Full Bun

“This is a super easy hack to a full bun that’s perfect for the holiday season,” explains Ellen Devine (@Ellendevinehair), Sam Villa ArTeam and master stylist at Lunatic Fringe. See the video here


  1. Add body to the hair using a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand. Detach the spoon to make it a wand and wrap the hair around it in large sections. 
  2. Separate the hair left to right. Using the Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush, smooth one side of the hair into a high ponytail, making a loop and leaving the ends out. Repeat on opposite side.  
  3. Take the two buns and cross one over the other and pull through, then secure with a bobby pin. Tip: secure right where your hand is holding the hair in place for the best security. 
  4. Take the tails that are left out, wrap up, and secure. Spray with hairspray and adjust using a tail comb. Pull out a few extra pieces for framing around the face. 

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