Hiring Your A-Team

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First, be clear about who you want to hire.

What are the attributes of your ideal team member? If you don’t know who you’re looking for, how do you find that person? Start by creating your team member archetype. Here are some questions that can help define who is an ideal hire for your beauty establishment:

1. Team member’s role in the organization

2. Educational qualifications required

3. Personality attributes

4. Desired availability

5. Career goal alignment


Next, write out a detailed job description.

Describe the job duties, responsibilities and expectations of the job position.

Now entice your ideal hire by detailing the benefits that are offered with this opportunity.

Do you offer ongoing education, holiday pay, a 401(k) plan, or any other perks such as discounts on products and services provided by your company? What are the possible opportunities for advancement in the company?

Now that you have your team member archetype, job description, and a list of job benefits offered, you are ready to search for your ideal team member.

Where to start? There are products designed specifically for the professional beauty industry that can help you attract and find your ideal team. Below is a list of avenues that can help you recruit:

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 - Create a career page on your website

 - Post on job boards at professional beauty supply houses

 - Give classes at a local beauty college

 - Post that you are hiring on social media sites

 - Ask your team for referrals

 - Create a salon profile on the Salonch app


It’s important to have a constant recruiting presence, even when you do not have any open positions at your company. You may be full today, but tomorrow you may have three open positions. Be proactive—always be actively recruiting and create a wait list of potential hires. To recap, you must know who you want to hire, have a detailed job description, including all the expectations and benefits that your company offers. Utilize industry tools, such as the Salonch app, job boards, a recruiting page on your website, and get your team involved.


An image of Kerrie BrandauArticle provided by Kerrie Brandau, Salonch Founder

Kerrie Brandau’s passion for the beauty industry goes beyond her 30-year career as a cosmetologist/hairstylist and her 10 years of salon and spa ownership. She is passionate about helping both beauty professionals and salon, spa, and barbershop owners have a more fulfilling career by connecting them with their ideal work tribe through the Salonch app.



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