Help Clients Be Successful with At-Home Care

By Liz Kline

You’ve booked a new client, you’ve delivered a great service, and now it’s time to offer your home-care recommendations. Despite your best efforts, how many times have you seen clients falter or fail at the hair routines you recommend? Let’s help them succeed—here are four key steps to help clients follow through with their home care. 


1. Take the Time

Book extra time for new clients, not only for a proper hair consultations, but also to teach them how to maintain the look you’ve just given them. Don’t have the extra time today? Invite them back for a full walk-through of the at-home routine you’ve recommended. 


2. Write It Down

From styling tips to products and protocols, clients can be more successful with home-care routines if you write down the steps for them. With new products and new protocols, this is especially important. 


3. Explain It

Using a heat protectant during a service is great; explaining to the client why you’re using it is even better. Do this for all products and procedures used during their visit. It not only shows your expertise, but it also gives clients the “why” they need to make new purchases. 


4. Follow Up

Once you’ve gone through the first three steps, it’s time to follow up. Call or text to see how the home care process is going, if the client has any concerns, and most importantly, to answer any of their questions. Nothing spells a failed home-care regimen like uncertainty and doubt. Make sure your client is clear on your recommendations and on their processes. 


Client education is part of your job as a professional hairstylist or barber. Use your expertise to help clients be successful with the home-care routines you recommend. 

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