Halloween How-To: Five Little Pumpkins

“Halloween is an exciting time for hairstylists to wave their creative wands and create fun styles,” says Anna Peters (@annas_hair_retreat), Sam Villa ArTeam member and owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design and Studio. “Inspired by the book ‘Five Little Pumpkins,’ this adorable bubble braid is a cute style for the little ones,” explains Peters, who created the look for her daughter. 

Five Little Pumpkins 

Step 1:

Brush hair thoroughly to make sure it is tangle-free. Working with the Sam Villa Artist Series Paddle Brush will make this easy. Smooth out any waves or curls with the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron to give a silky smooth surface and more control when making the pumpkins. 

Step 2:

Divide hair vertically down center back, creating a left and right side.  

Step 3:

Starting on the right side, use a tail comb to divide the hair at a diagonal forward from center back to above the ear. Secure with an elastic. Drop down two inches and repeat including hair from above section. 

Step 4:

Using a tail comb or your fingers, gently pull and puff hair between the two elastics. Expand hair until happy with the size and shape of the first pumpkin.   

bubble braids being put into girl's hair.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way down the hair until there are five bubbles/ little pumpkins. Repeat on the left side of the head. 

Girl with two bubble braids in her hair.

Step 6:

Spray temporary orange hair color down and around each pumpkin.  

Woman using orange hair color on her hair.

Step 7:

Tie green ribbons at the top of each pumpkin, covering up the elastics. 

adding green elastics to hair.

Step 8:

Use black paper to cut out eyes and mouths for each pumpkin and adhere with a small amount of hair gel. Googly eyes can also be used.  

Finished pumpkin hairstyle.

“Have fun with this super easy style and get creative!” says Peters. “You could use white paint to make ghosts, or green for aliens or witches.” 

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