Update to Arkansas Cosmetology Laws: Hair Braiding License

Hair braiding is now exempt from professional license requirements in Arkansas. Arkansas HB 1177 was signed into law by Governor Hutchinson on March 15, 2015.

Under the new law, the practice of “natural hair braiding,” which is defined in the law as “a service of twisting, wrapping, weaving, extending, locking, or braiding hair by hand or with a mechanical device,” is exempt from the state cosmetology license requirements. Therefore, people who practice only natural hair braiding are not required to hold a state cosmetology license. Hair braiders will still have to comply with any applicable local licensing requirements such as business license requirements.

The new law provides a means by which natural hair braiders will be able to obtain a voluntary hair braiding certification from the state if they choose to do so.

For further information, contact the Arkansas Department of Health Cosmetology Section at 501-683-1448 or email marilyn.graham@arkansas.gov.

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