The Goal of Marketing

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Here’s how that works…

What I know about my target client

How I market to them

They work 9-5, Monday-Friday

Promote early morning, evening, and weekend availability.

They worry about not spending enough time with their children

Have a kids’ corner in your salon. Provide kid-proof, pre-set iPads with games and movies to entertain. Keep child-friendly snacks and drinks on hand. Make everyone comfortable and reassure your clients that you’re happy they brought their kids.

Their hobbies include a love of music

Attend live shows to meet them. Have live music at salon events. Have a booth or pop-up shop at a local music festival. Cross-promote with a local music stores or record shops.

They use social media to stay in touch with family and unwind after a long day

Interact with them on social media in a non-salesy, genuine fashion. Commenting on their posts about their kids will mean a lot to them. Post humorous memes and feel-good content to help them relax and want to follow you. Boost your business’s posts to Facebook users who have liked local kid attractions, local bands, and music venues.


This list could go on and on. The more you know about your target client, the more you know exactly where, how, and when to market to them so your services and products sell themselves.

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