Get Your Products Flying Off The Shelves

Retailing is a must to achieve fabulous results, so don’t underestimate your ability to help someone look and feel beautiful. By simply changing your mindset from “selling” to helping, you can raise both your profits and your clients’ satisfaction.

An image of hand holding martini glass filled with glitter 1. FESTIVITY

Create your very own holiday and give your clients a celebratory reason to purchase home-care products. A few celebration ideas are Girls’ Night Out, Gratitude Sale, My Birthday Party (celebrating the birthday of your business opening or your actual birthday), or HomeCare Help Retail Revival (offering custom home-care regimens and special pricing on packages).

Boost your sales and get some free advertising by encouraging your clients to bring a friend. Offer a small gift to those who do.

Ask your vendors for marketing support and gift bag goodies. Most hair care companies will be happy to send a product rep to your event, which will further support successful retail sales.

During the event, feature bestselling items at a small discount and get some limited-time retail items (such as seasonal scented candles or winter spa robes) to create a “buy now” sense of urgency.


An image of succulent, coffee, and notebook for AHP blog2. FAVOR

Perhaps you struggle with the idea that selling product is pushy, salesy, or aggressive. If so, it’s time to shift your mindset. It’s time to approach retailing as if you are doing your clients a favor. It is hugely important to do favors for those who frequent your business; when you recognize this truth, you will sell more.

Send a letter before you place an order. Send an email and inform clients that you are placing a retail order and how important it is to you that you stock their favorites. Ask them to hit reply and let you know what they need.

Call a handful of your most loyal clients when you get something new and share the juicy details with them. Women love new stuff and being in the know, so get clients excited by sharing what they can look forward to during their next visit to your salon.

Ship for free. This requires sacrificing a bit of your time and money, but you will sell more if you offer a higher standard of customer care and the convenience of free shipping.

An image of AHP member with cell phone 3. FOLLOW UP

Here are a couple of ways to create a retail follow-up system that is full of benefits for you and your customers.

First, know the average usage span of your retail products, as this allows you to follow up with existing clients and let them know it’s time to replenish.

Many online booking systems help you track the details surrounding client purchases and all you have to do is scroll through the notes and send out a reminder email or text that sounds something like, “Hi Judy, my records show that you are probably close to running out of (product), and I’m reaching out because I want your hair to continue to look and feel amazing. Please let me know if you want to swing by and pick up some more!”

You could create a 4-day retail follow-up system where your stylists simply touch base with clients 4 days after a product purchase. Making contact ensures the client is using the product correctly, builds client loyalty, and can trigger more sales.



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