THE FORMULA: Rose Blonde

THE FORMULA: Rose Blonde

Wella Professionals hairstylists created this rose blonde look using new shades.Wella Professionals Global Artists Matthias Herzberg and Reyna Xydis created this #RoseBlonde look using new Colour Touch shades 8/35 and 9/75 in the LuxeLights Technique.


Freelights Powder • Freelights Developer

A: 30g Powder • 45g 9%

Color Touch • Color Touch Emulsion

B: 20g 8/35 • 40g 19%

C: 20g 9/75 • 40g 19%


Step 1: Divide the hair into two sections, one on each side, and leave out the hair at the nape.

Step 2: Starting at the front, apply formula A to the lengths and ends. Continue toward the crown area.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side, working from front hairline to crown.

• Use your fingers to blend formula A onto the surface of the hair for a seamless transition.

• Develop until a level 9/0 is achieved. Shampoo and neutralize with Blondor Seal and Care.

Step 4: Apply formula B to the root area, stretching the color over the line of regrowth for a seamless, blended finish.

Step 5: Apply formula C to the lengths and ends of the hair. Use your fingertips or a combe to blend into the root color.

• Develop, rinse, shampoo, and neutralize with Color Motion Express Post-Color Treatment.

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