First Impressions & Body Language

Customers come into your salon already expecting they will receive a great hair service. So, it is the stellar customer service you provide that will win them over and turn them into loyal clients. From their very first interaction with you, clients should know they’re in for a wonderful experience. You only get one shot at a first impression—and boy, do they last—so make it a good one!


According to, body language has four times more influence on first impressions than anything you say. Here are five tips to make sure your body language isn’t ruining your first impression with clients:

  1. If your handshake feels like shaking a limp fish, earning clients’ respect will be an uphill battle.
  2. We’re in one of the few “touch” professions, but if you stand closer than a foot from someone when first meeting them, they will assume you have no respect for personal boundaries and space.
  3. Looking someone directly in the eye is the number-one way to gain trust. Even a casual look down signals you have some uncertainty and a lack of conviction.
  4. Crossing your arms is a sign that you aren’t open to the person and what they’re saying.
  5. As tempting as it can be, do not glance at the clock when making a first impression on a client. This is their time; don’t make them feel it’s rushed from the beginning.

Above all else, just relax and be yourself. Keep in mind, the client is far more nervous than you.

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