Festival Season Lookbook

Festival season 2018 is upon us—

                                                music, sun, fashion, and HAIR!


We're simply swooning over PRAVANA’s Festival Lookbook, a compilation of hair-spiration to create showstopping looks.   



#VIVIDSFESIVAL HAIR FLAIR! Feeling BOLD and BRIGHT? Or are subtle hues for you? Let us know in the comments.

Model: Francis Lola @flamcis
Model: Brittany Balyn @baylnbrittany
Model: Caisa Airmet: @caisadilla
Model: Tierney Wickline @tierneybethhh
Model: Ezme Lamorte @ezmelamorte
Model: Julie Mariko @sacredsloth88
Colorist: Jessica Gonzalez @jesstheebesttcolor
Colorist: Daniel Moon @majormoonn
Colorist: Maria Santana @myhairfixation
Colorist: Lissette Cruz @lissettecruz
Stylist: Kait Marie @kaitmariehair
Stylist: Heather Chapman @heatherchapmanhair
Photographer/videographer: Sarah Holt @sarahholt_
Photographer/videographer: Huck Hinshaw @pleasantlycavingin
Makeup: Karen Gonzales @iluvsarahii
Makeup: Priscilla Ono @priscillaono
Makeup: Jenna Phalouka @jenna_dolly
Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet @caisadilla

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