Fall Reboot

Most guests want a change in the fall. Their hair has grown and lightened over the summer and products and hot tools may have been neglected a bit, so it is the perfect time to offer fresh options for a more polished look. Mandy McCullough, Sam Villa Ambassador and owner of Fix Salon (@FancyFinish), has four tips for guests, regardless of whether there is a major change or just a reboot.

  • Offer Something New: Bangs, go a little shorter, add layers, go darker, go lighter, turn up the red, add highlights, create more texture, smooth it out. Shake it up by offering something different and discussing new options for their hair type/texture, facial shape, and personal style. It’s okay if they decline; the important thing is that their stylist expressed a professional opinion about what would be beautiful . . . and who knows, they may need to digest the info and circle back another time.Mandy McCullough
  • Recommend a Color Glaze: Everyone wants shiny hair! Treatments rejuvenate strands, but to really turn up the shine do a color glaze. Offer it to all guests and advise that it is a demi-permanent color with a life span of about 6–8 weeks. If they love their current color, offer a clear formulation to enhance it with amazing reflection. For those that want a little more tone, add a bit of copper to spice it up, gold for a warm glow, or a deep rich brown to cool it down. This is a service with highly visible effects that everyone can benefit from.
  • Do a Product/Tool Overhaul: Everyone’s product stash gets out of control at times, so add 15–20 minutes to appointments for a review. Have guests bring in products from home (or a list) and narrow down the best choices for their current look, as well as recommend other better options. Do the same for hot tools—older versions don’t have the latest technology so they can either not get hot enough, requiring multiple passes that stress hair, or they overheat, also compromising hair health. Look for tools with targeted temperature technology and ion-coated plates and controls.
  • Cut Hair More Frequently: Getting hair cut more frequently keeps it looking healthy, reduces the risk of split ends, and can make a current style look brand new. Remind guests that short hair (above the shoulders) should be cut every 5 weeks, medium lengths (around the shoulders) every 6 weeks, and long hair about every 8 weeks. To maintain length, trim 3/4″ to 1/2″ off. If it’s a grow-out situation, just cut 1/4″ off. And PREBOOK these trims!

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