Eyelash Technician Registration Now Required in Arizona

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs adopted House Bill 2550 (HB 2550) in early April, creating an eyelash technician registration. AHP has highlighted the key points of the bill for you below, including definitions, fees, qualifications, registration renewal, and disciplinary procedures. The provisions of the bill went into effect April 3, 2023.


HB 2250 creates definitions for “eyelash extensions” and “eyelash technician” to explain the product and the new license category.

Eyelash extensions—applying, removing, and trimming thread-like natural or synthetic fibers to an eyelash. The process includes cleansing the eye area and lashes. The service does not include applying eyelash enhancements, such as tattoos, color or straightening agents, permanent wave solutions, bleaching agents, or any other cosmetology service.

Eyelash technician—a person who is not licensed as a cosmetologist or esthetician who performs personal services limited to eyelash extensions for compensation.


Eyelash technician registration, renewal, and delinquent renewal fees will be decided by the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board (Board). Those fees will be established during the rulemaking process. AHP will notify you when more information becomes available.

If you want to offer eyelash extension services, you must have an eyelash technician registration and be registered by the Board. To apply for an eyelash technician registration, you must:

  1. Submit an eyelash technician application form to the Board
  2. Provide proof you:
    1. Have completed and received credit for at least two years of high school education, or its equivalent, and are at least 16 years old, or
    2. Are at least 18 years old
  3. Submit evidence that you have successfully completed a Board-approved training program that is no more than 30 hours of education. Board-approved training programs must provide a temporary registration to students. Training programs are not required to be licensed schools to be Board-approved.
  4. Pay required fees

Prior Training

Anyone who received eyelash extension training before the effective date of this bill (April 3, 2023) and can demonstrate their training is eligible for an eyelash technician registration.

Registration Renewal

An eyelash technician must renew their registration on or before their birthday every two years. To renew a registration, a renewal application must be sent to the Board along with the required renewal fee. Again, this fee has yet to be determined. If you fail to renew your registration, you will have to pay a delinquent renewal fee in addition to the renewal fee. The Board will keep track of all registered eyelash technicians who are in good standing.

Disciplinary Action

Eyelash technicians are subject to the same disciplinary action as other licensees, such as registration revocation or suspension, civil penalties, probation, etc. To review a complete list of disciplinable causes, disciplinary procedures, and unlawful acts, click here (page 9).

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