As we close out 2023, the AHP Indie Stylist magazine editorial team wanted to highlight some of their favorite articles of the year. Here’s a look at their top picks: 

This was the editors’ unanimous top pick for 2023.  

“This is such an important piece asking the tough questions about traditional binary pricing structures.” 

—Karrie Osborn, senior editor 

“I know I’m biased in choosing this article as a favorite since I’m the one who wrote it, but I worked hard on interviewing, researching, and writing and I am so proud of how it turned out. The industry needs to adapt and grow, and changing to gender-free pricing is the way forward. I’m forever grateful to Abrean SophiaMarie and Jamie DiGrazia for providing amazing insight into the ways they’ve built their businesses and how they’re working to right-size the hair industry.” 

 —Jen Anderson, AHP Indie Stylist editor 

“It really applies to most of my picks, but trying to broaden awareness about different groups in order to make everyone feel seen and heard is a large part of why this particular piece resonated with me.” 

—Erica Buehler, associate editor 


“I had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing, and directing the photo shoot for Courtney ‘Beauty’ Smith, the 2023 AHP Indie Stylist of the Year, and I can confirm she is just as lovely as she appears to be in this profile about her. Beauty carries such confidence—she’s one of those unique people who has the ability to change the energy when she walks into a room. Her story is awe-inspiring, and she makes me want to work harder.” 

—Jen Anderson, AHP Indie Stylist editor 

“The winner of the 2023 Indie Stylist of the Year, Courtney ‘Beauty’ Smith, has an inspiring story . . . and the photo shoot was amazing!” 

—Karrie Osborn, senior editor 


“Money is one of those icky topics no one wants to talk about—but we need to. This article, featuring advice from beauty finance expert Anna Manukyan, is honest and real. If you don’t make your money work for you, it’s going to be harder to reach financial stability.” 

—Jen Anderson, AHP Indie Stylist editor 


  • Bliss at the Bowl: Understanding the Art of Scalp Massage” by Cindy Williams

    “No matter what hair service I get, my favorite part begins at the shampoo bowl. This article is a good reminder for stylists about the importance of this part of the service and the strategies you can use to make sure it’s an experience your clients won’t soon forget.” 

—Karrie Osborn, senior editor 

Other Favorite Picks 

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