Draw The Curtain

Draw The Curtain

Article by by Shannel Mariano

This article appears in 2020 | Volume 1, Issue 4 of  AHP Indie Stylist magazine 

Once was popular in the 1970s, the curtain fringe is making a major comeback—and will instantly give your client the ultimate “cool girl” vibe. Here, I’ll show you how to adjust the curtain fringe to fit any hair type and let any woman channel her inner Stevie Nicks.

The curtain fringe is shorter on top and longer on the bottom, which allows me to remove a lot of weight, similar to how layers remove weight from the rest of the hair. It is perfect for people with thick hair who’d like it to be thinner or for people who want to have more texture in the fringe. Feel free to adjust the lengths of the sides and the middle to fit your client’s preference and face shape. Layer more or layer less. Point cut more or keep them blunt. I hope that this inspires you to have fun customizing things for your clients.

Let’s Do This!

Fringe Bang 1             Fringe Bang 2             Fringe Bang 3   

  1. Create a triangle section in front to define the fringe area. Adjust the point on the peak of the triangle according to how dense you’d like the fringe to be. Keep it closer to the hairline for a thinner fringe. Keep it farther from the hairline for a denser fringe. Adjust the points on the base of the triangle according to how wide you’d like the fringe to be
  2. Cut a line straight across at the length your client would like the sides to be.
  3. Cut a guide in the center at the length your client would like the middle to be.

Fringe Bang4              Fringe Bang 5             Fringe Bang6

  1. Our plan will be to cut a line connecting the length in the middle to the length on the side while elevated. Why do we elevate the hair? Elevating the hair causes the hair to be shorter on top and longer on the bottom. Elevating layers the hair, which removes weight in the same way layers work when done with the rest of the head.
  2. Connect the center guide to the side while elevated by cutting all the hair in between.

  3. Do the same thing on the other side



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