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Why it’s important to take this crucial first step...

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It’s incredible how many hair professionals don’t stop to define their target client when it’s such a crucial first step to building a business. A target client is the person a hair professional is aiming their marketing efforts toward, and should be defined in as much detail as possible. In other words, you should know your target client inside and out. Ironically, the majority of hairstylists and barbers define their target client as: Anyone.

“I just want anyone, someone to sit in my chair!”

I get it. No clients mean no paycheck, and that’s a scary thing. As a result, many hair professionals’ marketing efforts are based on the theory of casting a wide net and just hoping they bring in enough fish to fill their books. Unfortunately, casting a wide net has many holes and does not make the most of one’s marketing efforts.

It is far more advantageous to thoughtfully and strategically place one stick of dynamite where the target fish are hanging out and get them all with minimal effort. The key is thoughtfully and strategically. It isn’t prudent to spend a bunch of money on a stick of dynamite and just throw it into the water hoping it lands by some fish. One should have in mind what type of fish it is they would like to catch, how big they need it to be, how healthy it must be, where it lives, where it feeds, etc. Then the fisherman will know exactly what kind of dynamite he should use, where to put it, and at what time of day. It takes a little more thought, but overall, takes far less time with far greater ROI than continuously casting a wide net and hoping for the best.

Similarly, when a hair professional takes the time to define their target or ideal client, their marketing efforts will be much more effective, like the powerful stick of dynamite in the right place. Obviously, we aren’t working with fish. So how does a hair professional define their target/ideal client? We’ve made it really simple for you. Download these questions and answer them as honestly as possible. There are no wrong answers.

One week from today, Wednesday, March 15, we will go live on AHP’s Facebook page at noon EST to show how the answers to those target client questions are the directions—the marketing plan with the best ROI for you.


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