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Bringing in clients is the first thing we focus on when we are getting started in business. However, once we get them, it’s important to ask ourselves what we are doing to keep them. We all know that maintaining any type of relationship takes work. Thus, it’s important to always have a plan in place to not only gain clients, but to retain clients. Even the most loyal clients can sometimes become bored and want to try something new from time to time. So, what can we do to keep our clients engaged? Here’s a few items to consider that will definitely increase your clients’ interest.

An image of packaged gift1. Reward Programs Rock

With reward programs, our loyal clients tend to become even more loyal. This is because we are ensuring them that we recognize their loyalty and are willing to reward it. A reward program can really include anything you choose. It may be $10 off a service, a complimentary product, or a free service. Professionals will want to take into consideration how to track a loyalty program. There’s everything from punch cards to point systems. Make sure to do your homework on tracking before starting a program.


An image of a hair studio neon sign2. Atmosphere is Everything

When it comes to creating atmosphere, the sky is the limit and there’s never too much that you can do. Discover your client’s favorite music and then play it while they are receiving their services. Keep a variety of beverages on hand to offer. Everything from coffee to Italian soda can be a fun treat. And, let’s not forget snacks. This can be an especially nice perk if people are getting services after work and arrive hungry. Five-minute welcome massages are also a nice touch that most clients look forward to as well. It’s also fun to theme your environment for different holidays. During the holidays, you may want to decorate and provide cookies and hot chocolate. Again, the sky is the limit. Let your inner artist shine when it comes to creating a great atmosphere.

An image of womans ear and earing for ahp blog3. Be the Guru of Good Listening

Right now it’s more important than ever that as professionals, we work at being good listeners. Most likely during the last few months, a lot of people have undergone changes in their lives that they may be adjusting to. Often, in our industry, we are therapists as well as lifestyle professionals. Be ready to focus on your client’s concerns and listen attentively. Your client may also want peace and quiet, so it’s equally important to be in tune to this and provide a serene space.


An image of friends for ahp blog4. Expand Your Customer Base

Looking to ensure that a new client returns? Try offering a complimentary item with their next booking. Perhaps it’s a simple upgrade to a serve or a completely free service. Either way, everyone likes to receive complimentary services and upgrades. Now, it’s up to you to determine what those are.



An image of drinks at an event for ahp blog5. Exciting Events

Events are a great way to create a little excitement. An event can be something as simple as a raffle where clients enter to win by dropping a business card in a bowl. Or, you can go big by hosting something like a wine tasting where clients receive a small customer appreciation gift like a product sample. There’s a lot of fun to be had with events, and keep in mind that there are also activities you can host online.


An image of AHP member barber for ahp blog6. Provide Education & Engage Clients

With all the social media platforms available, it’s easy to offer some styling education for clients. This can be provided through platforms like ZOOM or Facebook Live. It’s always fun to learn the secrets of a professional and this is a great way to go over and above for your clients. Remember, it’s great to have social media profiles where your work is posted, but it’s even better if you can engage with clients by answering questions and responding to concerns.


An image of AHP member with pink hair7. Create a Tip Sheet

Just like it’s important to engage and interact with clients, it’s also terrific if you can provide tips to clients that will help them look and feel their best daily. Consider putting out a tip sheet or a monthly newsletter in which you recommend some of your favorite products and styling tips. This illustrates to your clients that you are keeping up with the trends. And don’t forget to send it out electronically so it can be easily accessed (and you can save on printing costs). If you want to be a standout, this is a great way to do it.


An AHP member spraying hair of client8. Do What’s Worked Before

We’re all seasoned at what we do. It’s great to try new things, but it’s equally important to consider what has worked best for your salon in the past. You know your clientele the better than anyone, so take time to think about what they’ve enjoyed in the past and how you can reenact some of those items now.


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