Cosmetologists Chicago Welcome New Board and Advisory Council

Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) and America's Beauty Show are proud to announce the election of its Board of Directors and the establishment of the first-ever Advisory Council for the 2023-2025 term. This marks a significant stride in the commitment to providing an array of essential services, including ongoing education, scholarship opportunities, networking, and advocacy for licensed beauty professionals nationwide. 

The Board of Directors is led by President Lorrene Conino, with Larry Kane as vice president, Mireya 

Villarreal as secretary, Anthony Gordon as treasurer, esteemed Directors Anna Manukyan, Rudolph Moser, Beata Luberda Goodman, and Erskine Reeves, and Adjunct Directors Maggie Bujak-Karshna and Robert Reed. Karen Gordon will contribute as advisor to the president, with Robert Passage, immediate past president from Pivot Point in Chicago, providing valuable mentorship to the team. Together, they are dedicated to enhancing the support and services available to our professional cosmetologist members nationwide. 

This new volunteer leadership board is set to propel Cosmetologists Chicago's mission to nurture the professional advancement of beauty experts through educational initiatives, advocacy, scholarship programs, and the successful orchestration of America's Beauty Show, a distinguished nonprofit event for licensed beauty professionals. 

In a move to inclusively represent the interests of all licensed beauty professionals, Cosmetologists Chicago and America’s Beauty Show launched an advisory council this term. The council will render essential insights and strategic advice reflective of the beauty industry's diverse sectors. The inaugural members joining this advisory body are G. James Clark, Jennifer Doljanin, Juan Jose Herrera, Alan Kossof, Eli Manch, Holly Santelli, Cyndi Van, Kenny Williams, and Ivan Zoot. 

"Cosmetologists Chicago has a legacy of forward-thinking, action-oriented members focused on serving the salon industry. It is through the continued support of our board of directors, all enthusiastic salon owners and professionals, as well as our dedicated staff that Cosmetologists Chicago can serve the needs of our industry effectively,” says Lorrene Conino, the new president of Cosmetologists Chicago, reflecting on the organization’s evolution. 

Frank P. Fulco, CEO of Cosmetologists Chicago and America's Beauty Show, reaffirmed Conino’s sentiment. "On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture to all members of our beauty community. We actively listen to feedback through our dedicated board of directors, new advisory council, and community of licensed beauty professionals. As a nonprofit, we are working to respond in thoughtful, affordable, and sustainable ways. We are very grateful for the support of our community. On behalf of our community, the team is committed to serving our beauty industry to the best of our abilities.” 

Former President Robert Passage expressed his confidence in the new president, saying he is “thrilled” that Lorrene will succeed him as president of CC. “She has been a strong asset to our executive committee, board of directors, and especially to the thousands of members of Cosmetologists Chicago.” 

Karen Gordon, who oversaw the selection committee, shared her experience with the selection process. 

“I am truly inspired and humbled by the overwhelming support and entries of all the candidates. Our 

community came out in record numbers of applications for the board of directors," she said. "In response, selections were challenging, but we are honored with all the selected board and advisory council members. We are fortunate to have many talented professionals willing to serve our beauty community.” 

Cosmetologists Chicago is an association of salon professionals whose members include licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, barbers, salon owners, and cosmetology students. Cosmetologists Chicago supports all salon professionals with opportunities to collaborate with their peers and experience in-person and on-demand education to advance their careers. CC supports all cosmetologists through the expansive America’s Beauty Show, happening April 20–23, 2024. More information can be found at 

For more than 100 years, Cosmetologists Chicago (CC), a nonprofit organization owned by licensed beauty professionals for beauty professionals, has upheld a legacy of service to beauty professionals everywhere. Cosmetologists Chicago is an association representing diverse salon professionals, including 

licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, barbers, salon owners, and cosmetology students. 

The organization offers support and opportunities for these professionals to collaborate with their peers and advance their careers through in-person and on-demand education. Cosmetologists Chicago produces America's Beauty Show, the largest nonprofit event for licensed beauty professionals. America's Beauty Show offers a platform for professionals to learn, connect, and discover the latest trends, products, and techniques in the beauty, barbering, esthetics, nails, and education sectors. America's Beauty Show is dedicated to advancing the beauty industry by providing exceptional education and networking opportunities. 

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