Corrections to California Safe Cosmetics Program Reportable Ingredients List

The California Safe Cosmetics Program (CSCP) announced corrections to CSCP’s Reportable Ingredients List. The corrections update chemical listings from 23 source authoritative lists.

In addition to the changes listed below, the instructions for reporting Fragrance Allergens in the “Legend for When to Report” in the second tab of the downloadable spreadsheet was updated. The updated language clarifies that Fragrance Allergens must be reported regardless of their intended purpose in the product—to clarify, they must be reported even if they are not used to impart scent or counteract odor.


  • 2-(4-tert-Butylbenzyl) propionaldehyde (CAS RN 80-54-6): Added EC Annex VI CMRs - Cat. 1B as an authoritative source and reproductive toxicity hazard trait. This clarifies that the ingredient, also known as Lilial and Butylphenyl methylpropional, is reportable at any concentration. 
  • Beta-myrcene (CAS RN 123-35-3): Added Prop 65 as an authoritative source
  • Talc-based body powder (perineal use of) (CAS RN 14807-96-6): Added entry due to erroneous exclusion in previous version
  • Added the following specific glycol ether entries, in addition to the existing nonspecific listing of “glycol ethers”:
    • 2-Butoxyethyl acetate (CAS RN 112-07-2)
    • 2-(4-Methylphenoxy) ethanol (CAS RN 15149-10-7)
    • 2-Phenoxyethanol (CAS RN 122-99-6)
    • 2-Phenoxyethyl isobutyrate (CAS RN 103-60-6)
    • 2-Phenoxyethyl propionate (CAS RN 23495-12-7)
    • Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (CAS RN 112-34-5)
    • Diethylene glycol monomethyl ether (CAS RN 111-77-3)
    • Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (CAS RN 111-90-0)
  • Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size) (CAS RN 14464-46-1; 14808-60-7; 15468-32-3; 7631-86-9): Combined multiple entries and added CAS numbers from authoritative sources
  • Silica (CAS RN 1333-86-4): Removed incorrect CAS RN

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