Connecticut Creates Initial Cosmetology Educator Certification

If you’re looking to shift your career in a new direction, maybe your future is in shaping the minds of up-and-comers and instructing foundational techniques. In May, Governor Ned Lamont signed into law House Bill 5436 (page 33), creating a new initial educator certification. The certification allows the holder to teach an occupational subject, including cosmetology, in the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS).

The State Board of Education may issue an initial educator certificate to a cosmetology applicant who has:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent;
  • Five years of experience in the industry, which may include up to two years of registered apprenticeship, a work-based learning program, or specialized schooling;
  • Completed a minimum of six semester hours of credit teaching vocational and industrial education; and
  • Completed a course of special education of at least three semester hours, which includes:
    • Study in understanding the growth and development of exceptional children, including children with a disability, gifted and talented children, and children who may require special education
    • Methods for identifying, planning for, and working effectively with special needs children in the regular classroom

If an applicant does not have six semester hours of teaching credit or training in special education but is otherwise eligible for an initial educator certification, they may be given an interim educator certificate that is valid for one year and may be renewed for an additional year. The expectation is that the applicant will fulfill the educational requirements during this time.

Effective Date: July 1, 2024

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