Client Reward Programs That Work

4 steps to creating a client rewards program that actually works


Client reward programs honor clients for behaviors we want to encourage, such as returning consistently, purchasing retail, and trying new services. Think about the psychology of your clients when you are creating your reward program. You want it to be attainable enough to be motivating, but also challenging enough so that in the end the reward feels worth it.

Here are some simple steps to creating a Client Reward Program that actually works:

An image of AHP member shampooing a clients hairStep 1: Choose a Behavior
Determine which client behavior you want to encourage. Think about what will help your client retention, service ticket price, or retail sales. Examples include:

  • Consistent appointments: Reward earned after a client prebooks a certain number of appointments.
  • Total number of visits: Reward earned after a client’s 5th visit in a certain amount of time.
  • Service upgrades: Reward earned after a certain number of upgrades, such as conditioning treatments or bond builders added to color services.


An image of AHP member checkinng calendar

Step 2: Choose a Time Frame
The next step is to determine a time frame. You will want to set a limit for the reward to be earned, such as a within a calendar year or within 6 months. This will encourage them to perform the desired behaviors consistently.




An image of AHP member blowdrying a clients hairStep 3: Choose a Reward
Put some thought into this. The reward should be something that motivates clients. It can also promote something you want to enhance in your business, such as a new service or a specific product. Look at all your available incentives—upgrades, retail, service bundles—and choose the one that works best for both you and your clients.

If your reward program is ongoing, it is a good idea to rotate the reward periodically to keep clients interested.


An image of AHP member booking appointmentStep 4: Put it All Together
Put steps 1–3 together and, voila! You have a client reward program! Here are some examples:

  • Prebook five root retouches and earn a complimentary hair cut!
  • On your 4th visit this calendar year, you’ll receive a complementary deep conditioning treatment!
  • Purchase three conditioning treatments by September 30 and your next one is on me!

Be sure to market you client reward program to every client in person, on social media, and on your website. And you’re all set!

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