California Seeks Cosmetology Deregulations with SB 803

Your Career May Depend On It—Respond Now 
Continuation of the Barbering and Cosmetology Practice Act 

At AHP our mission is to support and elevate our members and licensed beauty professionals. California Senate Bill 803 will do the opposite of what we are trying to achieve! Bill 803 (small potatoes in the huge stack of bills to legislators) will likely pass if they do not hear from professionals.  Deadline July 6  

California Senate Bill 803 (Roth) is a bill that would continue the California Cosmetology Practice Act and the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. The bill in its current form does the following:

1.    Deregulates hair cutting for licensed barbers and cosmetologists
In simple terms, this makes it so anyone can cut hair, no licensing or education required for a professional 
2.    Deregulates hairstyling for licensed barbers and cosmetologists
In simple terms, this takes away your status as a trained professional and will make you have to work harder to show value to your clients 
3.    Provides that estheticians may include massage in the practice of skin care
In simple terms, this may be interpreted as allowing estheticians to perform massage therapy 
4.    Deregulates eyelash extensions from cosmetologists’ and estheticians’ scope of practice
In simple terms, this would allow anyone to apply eyelash extensions without a license or proper training


If amended to address the following points, ASCP, AHP, and ANP (the PAC Cosmetology Division) would support SB 803.  

  • Continue to require licensing for hair cutting and hair styling for barbers and cosmetologists
  • Define “massage” within the practice of skin care as being limited to services that are explicitly necessary and incidental to a specific esthetic service or for beautifying the skin
  • Add eyelash extension application to the practice of skin care and the practice of cosmetology


View Letter of Amendments

Your Action is Needed Now. 
Deadline: July 6, 2021


We encourage you to submit a letter to the Assembly Business and Professions Committee to advocate for yourself and your industry.

The only way to submit your comments is to upload it through the Assembly Business and Professions Committee Position Letter Portal.

Take These 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Create an account with your name and contact information on the California legislature website.
  2. Identify Senate Bill 803 (SB 803).
  3. Click through the next three pages.
  4. Copy, paste, and save the letter below or a different letter that better reflects your views.
  5. Upload your letter and indicate “Support if Amended.”

Sample Letter:

To: Chairman Low and the Assembly Business and Professions Committee 

Subject: Comments on Senate Bill 803 (Roth)

My name is <Your Name>, and I am a licensed cosmetologist/barber/esthetician (choose one) in California. It has been brought to my attention that Senate Bill 803 will deregulate hair cutting and hair styling for barbers and cosmetologists, and apparently alter the massage services estheticians may perform. I oppose the former and seek to clarify the latter. In addition, the bill would deregulate eyelash extensions; in the interest of public safety we oppose that proposal.

Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), Associated Hair Professionals (AHP), and Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) submitted a letter regarding suggested amendments to this bill on June 21, 2021. I support the suggested amendments advanced by these Associations.

I urge you to consider the amendments to Senate Bill 803 submitted by ASCP, AHP, and ANP. I am available for further discussion and can be reached by email at or by phone at 555-555-5555.

Your Name 

For questions, please contact us:

ASCP/AHP/ANP Executive Director Tracy Donley:

Government Relations Director Laura Embleton:

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