Boost Holiday Gift Card Sales

An image of a pink gift package

Tips for Hairstylists to Boost Holiday Gift Certificate Sales

By Kristin Coverly


The holiday giving season is the perfect time to implement focused marketing strategies to boost your gift certificate sales. 


Try these tips to increase your gift card revenue this season.

• Don't assume clients will remember that an appointment with you is the perfect gift to give others; remind them! Hang a sign in your salon, post on social media, send emails and physical mailings, and say something in person after each appointment.

• Make it easy for your clients to tell their friends and family they want to receive beautiful hair as a gift (hint, hint) by sending emails they can forward, posting shareable social media posts, and having postcards they can take with them after appointments. 

• Offer a special promotion that includes an incentive for purchases by a certain date or for multiple purchases. The offer may be a complimentary add-on, product, or a discount; get creative!

• Don't let clients have all the fun; think about how you can use gift certificates as a marketing tool and client appreciation gift, too. Thank clients for their loyalty by giving them a gift certificate for a complimentary product or an add-on service. Give clients a second certificate to gift to a friend. Hello, new clients!


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