Arkansas Deregulation Bill

An image of AHP member barber with tattooed armsImportant Legislative Update: Arkansas Senate Bill 410

Senators in Arkansas have introduced Senate Bill 410 (SB410), which removes the licensure requirement of barbers and shampooers. If the bill is to pass as it is currently written, it will deregulate the barber and shampooer industry in Arkansas.

This means barbers, barber establishments, and barber schools/colleges could operate without established standards and regulations. 

Requiring licenses ensures that the necessary education, training, and techniques (including health and safety) are used to protect the provider and customer. It also ensures the industry is up to date on best practices and standards.

The bill is currently with the senate committee on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor. The sponsor of this bill is Senator John Cooper. If you want to share your comments on this bill, please contact Senator Cooper and leadership of the committee, Senator Missy Irvin, chair of the committee, and Senator David Wallace, vice-chair of the committee.

After sharing comments with the Arkansas legislators, please share them with us at


The sponsor of this bill withdrew it on March 12, 2019. Thank you to all of the barbers that showed up to the hearing to protest, even if they did take the bill off the agenda. We love when our community comes together!



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