Arizona Lashing Law

If lashes are your client’s best accessory, an eyelash technician registration might be for you if you want to perform lashing services in Arizona. House Bill 2550 was adopted by the legislature in early April, creating eyelash technician registration. Once the bill passed, it was up to the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board (Board) to draft rules to answer questions such as:

  • How long will a training program be?
  • What will the curriculum look like?
  • Can I teach a training program?
  • How much will a registration cost?
  • What sanitation procedures can we expect that are unique to eyelash services?

Luckily, the Board just issued proposed rules to answer those questions and more. Better yet, we summarize the proposed rules for you in this web post. After reading, tell the Board what you think—the deadline for comments will be over in the blink of an eye! We encourage you to elevate your voice and email the Board at between October 2 through October 31 to show your support of, or opposition to, the proposed rules.

There will also be an oral hearing on October 26 at 10:00 a.m. MST if you wish to comment in person. Arrive at 1740 W. Adams St., Phoenix, Arizona, in Board Room B and be prepared to speak. For future updates about the eyelash technician registration, visit the Board’s website.

Lash Training Program Approval (p. 40)
Under the proposed rules, applicants will need to gain Board approval to offer an eyelash technician program. Applicants must submit an application to the Board with the following information:

  • The applicant’s name, full mailing and physical addresses, email address, federal tax identification number, and telephone number
  • The name of the person responsible for the eyelash technician training program (if different from the applicant)
  • The name of the instructor who will oversee the approved training program
  • An outline of the training program, including the topics to be addressed and hours assigned to each topic
  • Signed verification confirming the training program has the required equipment and supplies (listed below)

Required Program Equipment and Supplies (p. 40)
The proposed rules would require an eyelash technician program to provide quality equipment, tools, instruments, materials, and supplies for instructional purposes and for students to perform assignments. A program would need to offer the following minimum equipment and supplies:

  • Sufficient instructional equipment and facilities for instructor and student use
  • A covered, wet disinfectant container
  • EPA-registered disinfectant
  • Sufficient sinks with hot and cold running water
  • Separate receptacles for garbage and soiled linens
  • One chalkboard or whiteboard
  • Functioning time display
  • A wall mirror
  • Sufficient mannequins

A program would require a qualified instructor who is a Board-licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, or a Board-registered eyelash technician. A qualified instructor must be able to provide a notarized letter from a Board-licensed or -registered individual who has personal knowledge of the instructor’s work and can verify the instructor has practiced eyelash services for at least 30 hours a week for two years. An instructor applicant must indicate whether their license or registration has ever been suspended or revoked.

Curriculum (p. 41)
The proposed rules would require an eyelash technician student to complete a 30-hour Board-approved training program. All training would have to be taught by a qualified teacher—no guest presenters are allowed. Each program must include the following minimum curriculum hours:

Ten (10) hours of preclinical theoretical instruction in:

  • Eye structure
  • Function and disorders of the eye and orbital areas
  • Eyelash growth cycles
  • Contraindications and allergic reactions
  • Infection control
  • Eye shapes and eyelash evaluation
  • Product ingredients
  • Health and safety
  • Board statutes and rules

Twenty (20) hours of clinical instruction in the application of eyelash extensions, including:

  • Client consultation
  • Design
  • Cleansing the eye area
  • Conducting a patch test before eyelash extension service
  • Applying eyelash extensions
  • Removing eyelash extensions

Once a student completes an eyelash technician program, a provisional registration would be provided to each student. A provisional registration would include the following names: the student, the approved training program, the person responsible for the training program, and the instructor. The provisional permit would also include the address of the training program and the number of hours completed.

Prior training: Per House Bill 2550, anyone who received eyelash extension training before October 30, 2023, and who can demonstrate their training, is eligible for an eyelash technician registration.

Application for a Registration (p. 30)
Under the proposed rules, an applicant for an eyelash technician registration would need to submit the following to the Board:

  • The $45 initial registration fee
  • A passport-style photo of the applicant
  • A completed application form
  • Documentation of two years of high school or equivalent
  • Documentation indicating the applicant’s presence in the US is authorized under federal law
  • A copy of the provisional registration verifying successful completion of a Board-approved eyelash technician training program, or the license number of the applicant if they were licensed by the Board as a cosmetologist or esthetician before October 30, 2023
  • A statement indicating whether the applicant has had their license or registration suspended or revoked
  • The applicant’s signature verifying the information provided is true and correct

Fees (p. 14)
The proposed rules would establish the following fees relevant to eyelash technicians:

  • Initial personal registration fee: $45
  • Personal registration renewal fee: $45*
  • Delinquent personal registration renewal fee: $45 plus $30 delinquent renewal for every two years or a portion of two years that the registration is inactive to a maximum of five years
  • Eyelash technician training program approval fee: $250

*An eyelash technician would be required to renew their registration electronically by submitting an application on or before their birthday every two years.

Lash Use and Storage (p. 20)
The proposed rules address infection control and safety standards unique to eyelash technicians, specifically lash use and storage. Eyelash technicians must:

  • Have a covered, wet disinfectant container large enough to submerge tools completely at the lashing workstation
  • Clean hands between clients
  • Perform all lash services using gloves or clean hands
  • Store lashes in the original tray or jar in a covered container that is free from debris or contaminants
  • Dispense lashes from the original tray or jar using only a disinfected tool
  • Not return a lash to the original tray or jar after the lash is dispensed from the original tray or jar
  • Spray and wipe the lash workstation with an EPA-registered disinfectant after each client
  • Disinfect all cutting implements after use and store the disinfected cutting implements in a covered container that is free from debris or contaminants
  • Keep tape dispensers inside a labeled, clean, closed drawer
  • Disinfect lash tweezers, adhesive stones, lash tiles, lash pallets, lash cases, and other items between clients

Let’s Talk Business
Under the proposed rules, eyelash technicians would be subject to the same requirements as other licensees should they wish to perform mobile services or operate an establishment.

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