Arizona Adopts Apprenticeship Pathway to Licensure

Aspiring estheticians, hairstylists, and nail techs now have another way to work toward licensure in their respective fields. The Arizona Legislature adopted House Bill 2525, which establishes esthetics, hairstylist, and nail technician apprenticeship instruction requirements. Essentially, the bill creates an alternative pathway to licensure that allows students to gain real-world, hands-on experience while they learn outside the standard classroom setting.

Apprenticeship Instruction
An esthetics, hairstylist, or nail technician apprentice is entitled to receive a license if the student completes an apprenticeship training program in esthetics, hairstyling, or nail technology from the Department of Economic Security or the US Department of Labor. An applicant must complete instruction from either:

  • A school licensed by the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board.
  • A school or program in another state that has licensure requirements substantially equivalent to those of Arizona.
  • An apprenticeship program approved by the Department of Economic Security.

Infection Protection and Law Review
As part of an apprenticeship program, apprentices must complete a certain number of hours in infection protection and law review instruction. The number of hours depends on the type of license the apprentice is seeking:

  • Esthetician apprentices must complete at least 200 hours.
  • Hairstylist apprentices must complete at least 200 hours.
  • Nail technician apprentices must complete at least 150 hours.

The Bill Is Law, So What Happens Now?
Rules will be developed based on this bill and will likely address key issues, including the total number of apprenticeship hours required to earn a license, apprentice qualifications, apprentice supervisor qualifications, and salon/shop qualifications. We will notify you when we learn more.

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