5 Tips for Creating Unique Shags

Check out the IG account of Sam Villa Ambassador Manda Ziegelman (@mandaziegelman). It’s full of shags—long, short, vibrant, and bold—every type of shag imaginable. Ziegelman often advises clients, “Get a shag, it will change your life!" 

“As soon as you cut a fringe and put some layers around a face, people become more aware of themselves and more confident. They evolve, and I love being part of that transformative process,” they explain. “I see and feel it every time I cut a shag. It’s like magic. It’s definitely a mood. There’s an attitude behind it, it’s liberating, and it’s universally flattering!”

Ziegelman’s clientele is chock-full of artists, musicians, and visionaries, so originality is at the core of all their designs. They advise that consultation is key in imaginative cutting and always asks, “What’s your vibe?” to clarify creative direction, boundaries, likes, and dislikes.Yellow haired shag

Things to consider:


Map out the plan—it’s okay to go off road, but there always needs to be a goal.


They are your best friend in taking a leap into unconventional cutting. Learn the rules so you can break them.

Head Form

A solid understanding of head shape and where/how to expand and collapse volume to compliment it is essential.

Work Smarter, Not HarderMan with a long shag cut

Having a solid plan and using the correct tools allow for expansion of creativity with confidence.

Condensed Cutting

Smart sectioning and larger sections make creating convex and concave shapes easier and faster.

Ziegelman says the best shags have fullness without weight and likes to use the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor Trio. The 360° swivel design makes it easy to place the razor in various positions to remove bulk without turning or bending the wrist.  For detailing the ends, they turn to the Artist Series Shear to create soft diffusion.

“The power we have as hairdressers is truly a gift. Don’t be confined by convention. Expand your imagination so you can share your gift with more people,” they add.

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