35th Annual NAHA Finalists Announced

Featuring extraordinary artistry and mastery precision, the 35th annual NAHA finalists represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry.  

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is thrilled to announce the 35th annual North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) finalists. NAHA is the most prestigious professional beauty competition in North America and honors the salon industry’s top artists who push the boundaries of skill and creativity. 

The 2024 NAHA finalists represent the best of the best in the beauty industry, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft. These artists have defied expectation, creating awe-inspiring collections that captivate and inspire. To win a coveted NAHA award, artists submit their collections in their choice of fourteen creative and inspirational categories of hair, makeup, and education excellence. Development of these collections often takes months of envisioning, planning, and shooting. 

Collections are judged anonymously in three rounds by a panel of esteemed experts in hairdressing and makeup artistry, and are scored based on technical skill, cohesiveness, and creativity. 

The NAHA 2024 Finalists are: 

Avant Garde:  

Sabrena Handley  

Michael Dubuc  

Antoine Vadacchino  

Carlos Alvarez Roque  

Trish Dool  

Barber of the Year:  

Tyler Kelbert  

Charles Robinson  

Nieves Almaraz  

A-ROD Yadiel Alberto Rodriguez  

Ammon Carver  

Editorial Stylist of the Year:  

Naeemah LaFond - nominated for two collections  

Rusty Phillips  

Anna Pacitto  

Ammon Carver  

Educator of the Year:  

Steve Gomez  

Jalia Pettis  

Leysa Carrillo  

Nubia Rëzo  

Keya Neal  


Nicole Pede  

Tina Casciato  

Janelle Eyre  

Sean Godard  

Danielle Waterman  


Stephen Moody  

Stan Newton  

Evie Johnson  

Yuki Yasui  

Ben Barkworth  

Hairstylist of the Year:  

Austin Lopez  

Nicole Pede  

Galyna Poczciwinski  

Erin Fernandes  

Anica Iordache  

Inspiring Salon of the Year:  

Lucero Hair and Wellness  

Rachel's Salon & Day Spa  

Vann Studio  

Logan Parlor  

Salon 27  

Makeup Artist of the Year:  

Breanne Gershon  

Isidro Valencia  

Gabrielle Singleterry  

Orlando Marin  

Anne Skubis  

Master Hairstylist of the Year:  

Julie Vriesinga  

Chrystofer Benson  

Brayden Pelletier  

Ruth Roche  

Michelle Pargee  

Student Hairstylist of the Year:  

Maddie Storm  

Shaquan Burris  

Kaitlyn Rockwell  

Julia Gates  

Chloe Sarai Baeza Garvalena  

Styling and Finishing:  

Jaimee Smith  

Brendnetta Ashley  

George Alderete  

Vanessa Whitmarsh  

Jamie Wiley  

Team of The Year:  

The Five Point Collective—Mariana Cecilia, Deja Coleman, Kassandra Retos, Heather Harris Torriente, Candy Nicole Roth  

Rutherford, Bouchard & Kenney Ltd.—Derrick Rutherford, Francis Bouchard, Heidi Kenney  

JCPenney Salon Team—Jaimee Smith, Brittany Brown, Joy Butner  

Quinn Enright and Michelle Oliver  

Team Krasa by Ulta Beauty—Galyna Poczciwinski, Danielle Keasling, Meghan Felicione, Gilad Goldstein  


Cassie Carey  

Jaimee Harris  

Michelle O’Connor  

Vanessa Whitmarsh  

David Barron  

The winners of the 35th annual North American Hairstyling Awards will be announced at a glamorous ceremony on Sunday, June 2, 2024, in conjunction with Premiere Orlando. This highly anticipated event will bring together industry professionals, influencers, and enthusiasts to celebrate the outstanding achievements of these talented artists. 

"The Professional Beauty Association is proud to celebrate the 2024 NAHA finalists who represent the top talent in the industry," says Nina Daily, PBA’s Executive Director. “These artists display elevated creativity, vision and passion that inspires others and ignites innovation. We look forward to honoring the finalists at our first-ever East Coast awards ceremony on June 2nd at Premiere Orlando.”  

Tickets for the 2024 ceremony are available at probeauty.org/naha 

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