3 Retail Techniques and Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line


Let’s face it—we all want to make more money in our beauty businesses. But the truth is, selling can feel, well, icky. With the right retail techniques and strategies, selling does not have feel wrong. In fact, it can be fun and rewarding!

Studies show that clients who purchase retail in their first appointment are three times more likely to return and purchase.

Here are a few retail techniques and strategies to increase your bottom line, thus making you more money per hour. 

  1. Focus more on providing value and education to your client.
    During your client consultation or service time, chat with the client about their goals and what they hope to achieve from visiting you. Choose one area of concern and offer a product and/or service that can assist them in achieving the results they are seeking.

  2. Building relationships with clients.
    One key to selling is making sure your client trusts you. A great way to build trust is to show that you actually care about their concerns. Practice active listening and really take note of their needs. Sometimes they won’t tell you directly their concerns and needs. Show your concern by asking in-depth, leading questions and avoid closed-ended questions (i.e. answers that simply require a “yes” or “no” response).

  3. Show your expertise and do your research.
    Before selling additional products or services, be sure to know your stuff! You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with knowing everything about every product or service just yet. Pace yourself—you will learn soon enough.

    Instead, find 3–5 products or services you believe in and really trust. Understand the benefits and create a few bullet points for each to share. Make a mental note of what type of client would be great for each product or service. For example, you may be launching a new hydrating facial service. Think about the key problems this new service will solve. Now think about what types of clients would benefit from this service. This retail sales strategy works great for both products and services. Remember, you don’t have to sell everything to everyone. Start with one product or service and change your focus each month. 

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