3 Steps to Defining Your Brand


The first step of branding is figuring out what your brand is. And if you’re thinking, “Oh I’ve just started looking into this branding/brand marketing stuff. I don’t have a brand yet,” you’re 100% wrong. We all have a brand.

Your clients have already formed a perception of what you’re all about and until you take some initiative to purposefully form that perception, their perception is your brand. You have a brand whether you consciously and strategically crafted it or not.

It’s important to clearly define your brand in your own head so you can clearly portray and present it to others. Here are three things to help you get a crystal-clear idea of what your brand is.


1. Write down your story.

Why did you become a hair professional in the first place, and why do you stick with it? Don’t be afraid to tell people your story. Your story is unlike anyone else’s; it’s what makes you unique. You can put a positive spin on it but don’t try to be something you’re not. Use your trials, tribulations, successes, and quirks to your advantage.

2. Define your mission and core values.

These are your guides in everything you do. Don’t use a bunch of clichés and sales talk in your mission. It won’t be authentic and people will see right through it. Be bold when stating your core values; take a stand. It will make your true clients more loyal when they know you have strong values and will stick by them. Both your mission statement and core values should stem from your story, your “why.”

3. Ask your clients why they come to you.

Encourage honest answers and really listen. If your clients’ answers for why they come to you don’t align with your story, your why, your mission, and your core values, you have a branding problem and need to do some damage control. Take a look at every aspect of the experience you’re providing and find the details that don’t portray the brand you want to be. You can’t just tell clients, “This is my brand.” They have to see, feel, experience, and live it.


Once you know without a shadow of a doubt what your brand is, here are 25 Tips to help reinforce it in your clients’ minds.



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