3 Tips for a Big-Body Blowout

Big ’90s blowouts are back and achieving the massive volume and bounce is so much faster now. “Using products that reduce drying time, brushes that heat up, and blow-dryers with ionic features all help create a big-body blowout in less time,” says Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member and owner of  re:TREAT Color + Hair Design Studio  @annas_hair_retreat. See the technique here

Here are three keys to a big-body blowout: 

  1. Apply a leave-in treatment and primer for soft long-lasting body, faster drying time, and heat protection. Try a leave-in from K18 and/or Redken Quick Dry Primer. 
  2. Make sure the air concentrator is attached and angled in a way that makes it easy for your arms and body to move. Blow-dry hair in the direction it should lay with the concentrator moving down the hair shaft for extra shine. The ionic feature on the Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer will add extra shine.  
  3. Once the hair is 80 percent dry, take large sections, elevate the hair with 1.5” round brush for maximum volume and wrap around the barrel of a brush heating hair in that shape for body and movement. Clip hair into place with Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips (they won’t leave a mark in the hair) and cool completely. Once cool, remove the clips and use your hands to style. 

Sam Villa is co-founder and chief oreative Officer of the Sam Villa Company (Allvus, LLC), a leading education and styling tool company for the professional hair industry. He is also Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue, a L’Oreal brand. Villa is the 2021 NAHA Educator of the Year, Hair Awards USA Hall of Fame Inductee, 2021 AHP Icon Stylist Influencer of the Year, 2020 International Hairdressing Awards ‘International Hair Influencer of the Year,’ the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Intercoiffure America/Canada Member, Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Award Winner for Favorite Platform Artist and Educator (2012, 2011 and 2007) and Favorite Overall Educator of the Year (2015). His inspiring education and innovative ergonomic styling tools can be experienced on samvilla.com. The Sam Villa brand brings free digital education to everyone including hot tips and techniques, as well as access to livestreamed educational events. The company also offers professional tools for consumers so they can achieve salon-quality results at home with minimal effort.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are some products I can use for a big-body blowout? Volumizing products work best to get a voluminous blowout. Mousse, volumizing spray, volumizing gel, and volumizing hairspray can all be used to achieve a voluminous blowout.  
  2. How do I do a blowout? Starting with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, clean the hair to remove any oil and buildup. While the hair is damp, use a volumizing product such as a mousse, gel, or spray throughout the hair. Start by sectioning the hair at the nape in 1–2 inch sections and start blow-drying the hair in the opposite direction using a 2-inch round brush. Continue to the top of the head and then spray with volumizing hairspray to finish the look.  
  3. What are the best tools to use for a blowout? A blow-dryer, a round brush 2 inches in diameter and Velcro rollers can be used also to hold and cool the curl.  
  4. What size brush do I use for a blowout? Depending on the length of the hair, any round brush 1.5 inches and bigger works to achieve a blowout.  
  5. How long does a blowout take? An average blowout usually takes up to an hour. 
  6. How much do blowouts cost? Typically, blowouts can cost anywhere from $40 to $60. 
  7. What is a Brazilian blowout? A Brazilian blowout is a hair treatment that has a keratin formula. It bonds to the hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and protecting the hair from external damage. It is a process where the hair is blow-dried, straightened, rinsed out, and blow-dried again. The heat from the blow dryer and flatiron causes the chemicals to activate and bond to the shaft. 
  8. How long does a Brazilian blowout last? It can last 3–4 months depending on how often the hair is washed and what products are used.  
  9. Does a Brazilian blowout damage the hair? If heated tools are used on the hair consistently, breakage can occur. Overdoing it can also causes the integrity of the hair to weaken, causing further damage and drying out the hair. It is recommended that clients don’t exceed two treatments per year.  


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