Small Business Automation

If you aren’t familiar with business process automation (BPA), get excited! According to, it is “a process of managing information, data, and processes to reduce costs, resources, and investment. BPA increases productivity by automating key business processes through computing technology.”

Who doesn’t want to reduce costs, resources, and investment while increasing productivity?!

Associated Hair Professionals knows our members are busy behind the chair, and we want nothing more than to make hair professionals’ lives easier while advancing their careers. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Artichoke as one of 50+ discounts included in AHP membership. Here’s a sample of how Artichoke can help to automate your business, giving you more time with your clients and for yourself.


AHP Business Automation Webinar from Artichoke on Vimeo.


Presenter: Justin Shelby

Learn how to maximize your time and make more money by introducing automation into your small business. Made just for solo entrepreneurs or small teams, this webinar will go over the types of automation tools available and how to go about picking the best tools for your hair care practice. Led by serial entrepreneur and Artichoke CEO Justin Shelby, this webinar covers streamlining your appointment-setting process, reducing no-show appointments, maintaining contact with your clients, growing your business, and making sense of your books.


AHP Members receive a 30-day free trial and 20 percent off a one-year Artichoke membership!

Artichoke brings together marketing, scheduling, payments, and automated client notifications into an easy-to-use, all-in-one business application. It works from any device, and it’s the first mobile appointment-based tool that allows freelancers to set up and run their business in minutes. Artichoke gives freelancers more time with clients, a more predictable income, and a more enjoyable business.


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